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If you need a burst of joy, color, and happiness in your life, you need one of artist Sally K’s gorgeous and radiant pieces. They will brighten up any room, and brighten up your mood as well. There’s no way you can have one of her paintings in your home or office and not feel buoyant and joyous – think of it as a literal mood booster. A typical Sally K painting features a beautiful, bare-shouldered woman with a riot of flowers on her head like a giant, blooming crown. In several of her paintings, the woman’s eyes are covered by flowers as well, and you can only see the bottom half of her face. It gives an aura of mystery and seduction to the piece. In fact, flowers of all kinds and hues are a prominent feature in her work as Sally finds them to be “refreshing and beautiful.” She says, “I have found that the flowers have merged with the human element in the painting into an integration of woman and nature. There is no clear distinction between where one begins and the other ends. I try to use colors, combinations, textures, and details to play on canvas.” This integration of woman and nature brings to mind Mother Nature and how women have always been linked to different aspects of nature, particularly flowers, since very early on. As for what Sally herself hopes people take away from her work, she says, “I would hope that my work is expressive in that it communicates a sense of power, strength, and confidence in its beauty. I want my work to express sentiment that commands attention, drawing the audience in to be immersed in colors. I want my work to stand out, to stir up a conversation, and to emulate the contemporary woman.”

By Margarita Hirapetian



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Baby's breath

Acrylic - 44 x 66in Available at Artspace Warehouse

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